I am a designer, developer and entrepreneur

My goal is to inspire people through technology


As co-founder of Zirpy, I was responsible for designing and developing the site from scratch using a unique object-oriented approach to handle data


You should have control over how you use your cryptocurrency, so we created a place where you can spend it the way you want.

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I have always been a skier, so I decided to create a social network designed for this market. I developed a a variety of custom features such as an infinite-scroll feed, notifications center, e-commerce store and messaging system.

Achievement: 1,100 new members signed up in the first week, and our largest competitor contacted within hours of our release asking to join forces.


We believe that action sports Is more than just a hobby or pastime. It is an expression of style. An extension of who you are.

It is when the possibility of landing the trick Outweighs the pain of falling. It is having the courage To try something that no one has done before.

It is practicing until it hurts So that you can reach the next level. It is aspiring to be the best And dedicating time and money to achieve this goal.

We understand. This is what it is all about. This is why we do what we do.



My Freelance web design company brand. I worked with various clients, mostly on photography and artist projects.


A freelance web design company focused on improving the presence of talented artists and photographers online.

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Role: Co-Founder, CTO

Tech: Built using WordPress and PHP to manage users and handle data.

Achievement: Over 100 students signed up during the first semester release, and we facilitated dozens of exchanges between students.


Bookbidr makes buying and selling college textbooks easy and cheap.

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